HEAT (Hospitality, Employment and Training)
  HEAT (Hospitality Employment and Training) is a practical youth re-engagement program delivered from the SKYS Learning Centre in South Melbourne. It is an innovative and practical program that assists young people in developing self-esteem: gaining accredited training qualifications in the hospitality industry, work experience in local businesses and prepares them for the world of work.

HEAT operates in an informal learning environment and is designed to dramatically improve the lives of many young people who are disengaged from mainstream education. HEAT achieves this through supporting young people to make a positive transition to secure employment, thus avoiding the negative traps of long term unemployment.

The Project’s Structure, Aims, Methods & Strategies
HEAT offers a twelve-week program that incorporates five key elements:

  1. Industry specific training
  2. Work readiness
  3. Personal and group support
  4. Work experience and employment and
  5. Personalised post-program support, advice, referral and advocacy

The program places a strong emphasis on welfare and career guidance, as we realise that for many in our target group, becoming job ready requires much more than just acquiring work-related skills. All young people will participant in pathways planning and have their progress towards education, employment and independence goals monitored.

The Target Group
Primarily we aim to assist young people aged between 16-25 who are neither employed or engaged in education or training.

The Benefits, Outputs & Outcomes
Young people will benefit most directly from HEAT as they improve their health and status through the acquisition of new skills, confidence, friends and jobs. A decrease in the number of disenfranchised young people should contribute to a positive community spirit. The hospitality industry will receive higher quality job applicants and reduce the resources they expend on training and turnover.

Outcomes: At the completion of the program we aim to have re-engaged the participants in learning and improved their employment opportunities thus avoiding long-term unemployment and the associated harms.

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